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Volleyball players show dedication to their team

During the 2021 season, seniors Halle Bryan, Toi Robinson, and Lydia Greene emerged as leaders of the Saints volleyball team.

​​Ray Scioneaux, head volleyball coach, describes athletics as a test of character, and with the caliber of these seniors, the bar is set very high.

The varsity volleyball team huddles during their game against Ben Franklin on Sept. 14. The team was led this season by seniors Halle Bryan, Toi Robinson and Lydia Greene.

“They are just all really intelligent athletes, they’re smart, they’re very mature for their age, and they understand what it takes as a team to better the younger players,” Scioneaux said. “In huddles they give great feedback and it’s probably some of the best feedback we’ve had in many years.”

Scioneaux has been the head volleyball coach at St. Martin’s for nine years and has been coaching Bryan for six. After years of coaching Bryan, Scioneaux said she has been a consistently dedicated player.

“She’s always been very into volleyball, into the game,” Scioneaux said. “She’s always been interested in learning, growing, and developing as a player. Halle would come in on weekends even just to get extra practice in extra reps.”

The seniors recognize how close this group of girls are this year and hope to leave an impact on their younger teammates.

“I want to leave my sense of commitment,” Bryan said. “It’s really helpful when people come to extra help or summer practices even when it’s optional.”

Robinson agrees and emphasizes the importance of teamwork.

“I would like to pass down being great role models to those that are younger and teaching those who may not be the best at volleyball,” Robinson said.

All of the St. Martin’s volleyball seniors are predicted to leave the legacy they hope to.

“We have a great group of seniors and they’re leaving a big impact on those younger players,” Scioneaux said. “Those younger players grow and develop at a faster rate because of that impact.”

Scioneaux urged students to come show their support for the volleyball team as they head to the playoffs.

“They’re working so hard, and I want more people to go see what it is we’re actually doing on the court,” Scioneaux said. “Come support the athletes, the coaching staff, and our athletic program. Come show your school pride!”

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