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Senior Spotlight: Izzy Bartholomew

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Senior Isabella Bartholomew has been attending St. Martin’s Episcopal School for sixteen years. (Editor’s note: Bartholomew is the copy editor for the Halo.)

“I have attended the school since the Cottage. My sisters had already been enrolled at St. Martin’s for two years,” Bartholomew said. “My parents really loved the school, so they also thought it would be a great fit for me.”

This year, Bartholomew was selected as one of the captains for both the St. Martin’s swim and cross country teams. Believing that encouragement and motivation from older members are key to creating a strong team, she has loved seeing her teammates grow throughout the season and gain confidence in their abilities.

“In cross country and running in general, I really enjoy bonding with my fellow runners through our shared commitment to hard work and improvement, all while having fun,” Bartholomew said. “In swimming, a strong drive to push ourselves creates a great team dynamic. I admire my team's work effort in both cross country and swimming every day.”

In addition to being team captain for the swim and cross country teams, Bartholomew participates in many extracurricular activities, such Science Olympiad, Honor Council, National Honor Society, the Halo, Quiz Bowl, and a faith-based retreat for high school students called Happening.

“I think contributing to my community is really important, both for myself and those around me,” Bartholomew said. “I love interacting with others and having fun with those who share the same passions and interests as me. Having varied interests helps me to constantly find excitement in my life.”

These extracurriculars, balanced with schoolwork, have additionally helped Bartholomew to develop good time management skills, such as staying off her phone.

Currently, Bartholomew does not have a first choice for college. However, she is looking for at least one particular quality in her new school.

“I hope to attend a college with a strong sense of community, much like the one at St. Martin’s.”

In her last months at this school, Bartholomew most looks forward to spending time with friends. Though she does not know what form graduation and prom will take, she remains optimistic about enjoying her remaining time at St. Martin’s. She is also excited to find out where her classmates will be attending college in the fall.

Looking back over the years, Bartholomew recounts her favorite memory from her time at St. Martin’s: the 2015 state cross country meet.

“It was my sisters’ and my first year running,” Bartholomew said. “We were hoping to get third and worked all year long towards that goal. After the race, we found out we got third. We were exhausted but so happy. Everyone had run their hardest race, with several members running their fastest time.”

However, as the team was leaving the stadium, the announcer called the team back to the infield and announced that St. Martin’s had actually come in second.

“There had been a miscalculation with the scores,” Bartholomew explained. “We couldn’t believe it and were so excited. It felt like we had won. On the bus ride back, we couldn’t stop talking and even sang, ‘We are the champions of 1A!’ The guy’s team had won first place, so it was a great day all-around.”

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