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Senior Spotlight: Chris Catinis

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Senior Chris Catinis runs during a soccer game against Holy Cross in December 2019.

Senior Christopher Catinis began his academic journey at St. Martin's Episocpal School in the Cottage.

Though Catinis left in the eighth grade to attend a bigger school, he returned shortly thereafter, missing the smaller community and stronger bonds with his teachers.

Catinis takes on an active role in multiple extracurricular activities, a member of the soccer team, football team, tennis team, Spanish Club, National Honor Society and Key Club. He also serves as the president of Student Government and co-president of Model UN.

Long waiting to become Student Government president, Catinis is eager to fulfill his duties this year.

“It's honestly been a dream of mine for a while nowa dream come true so to say,” Catinis said. “It's nice knowing that students come to you with their problems, and you work with a group of other students to make things happen and make high school more fun and easier.”

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many events that typically define the high school experience have been delayed with uncertainty of what to come. Lunch leave and open study have been postponed indefinitely, and the homecoming dance is up in the air. Sports practices and games have also been changed or delayed due to regulations.

However, Catinis is doing his best to maintain an optimistic outlook and handle situations as they come, despite the lack of control either he or the school has over certain events.

“Who knows if it's going to die down anymore in the second semester so we may or may not have a prom or senior chapel and a graduation,” Catinis said. “But then again I acknowledge that all that is not in my control and is not in the school’s control.”

Looking beyond his St. Martin's career, Catinis hopes to pursue a medical education. He has learned from the school to value the importance of hard individual work.

As a piece of advice, Catinis urges students to make the most of their time at St. Martin’s.

“Don't take anything for granted because … you only have four years of high school, so really cherish the bonds you've made with both teachers and students,” Catinis said. “Some of your peers will never see you again, so just cherish every moment.”

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