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Reuter teaches biology, physics as "part of the world we live in"

Jewel Reuter joins the faculty at St. Martin’s as a science teacher this year, teaching physics along with 11th grade biology.

Science teacher Jewel Reuter explains a concept during one of her biology classes. Reuter teaches junior biology and physics classes. | Photo by Maggie Willoz

Reuter has been teaching in Louisiana for years, including at Jesuit and Rummel. She was involved in the formation of the Louisiana Virtual School, where students all over the state learned together on an online platform. She also has lab experience, a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and attended Tulane as an undergraduate in Biochemistry.

While the beginning of this year has been challenging, Reuter has not wavered in her commitment to helping students learn. One of her favorite things about being a science teacher is being able to have a huge impact on her students even after they are no longer in her class.

“For every one student I teach, there’s a chance that they might go forward, and whether they’re going to be in science or are not, they would know more about science,” Reuter said.

She also strives to make sure her students understand that the concepts of science are “part of the world that we live in.”

As Louisiana recovers from the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, teachers have needed to reconsider their lesson plans. For Reuter, the storm has given her time to think about what is most important for students to learn.

“[It] made me evaluate what’s most important in what we’re learning and how we’re learning about those things,” Reuter stated.

Some of Reuter’s academic interests include the concept of C-STEM (Creativity, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and using research-based technology. She is passionate about teaching and helping every student to grow and getting them excited about science “to help students express their ideas and their types of work,” Reuter explains.

Even though Reuter is very dedicated to science, she has many personal interests. She includes how she is a lover of coconut and has even learned to open young coconuts. She also mentions her love for different types of coffee and recreational running.

She also remarked that she is excited to work with the faculty of St. Martin’s and create an environment with new, stimulating ideas and research within her classes.

“It is incredible to have a dedicated faculty together that allows for communication and also input to how each student is educated,” Reuter said. “So I’m very excited about being a part of such a community.”

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