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Canzoneri makes social studies classes interesting

As the 2020-2021 school year began in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Martin’s Episcopal School welcomed Upper School Social Studies Teacher Frank Canzoneri. Canzoneri teaches both US History and AP Economics.

Canzoneri joined the St. Martin’s teaching staff after teaching at Holy Cross School, Archbishop Shaw High School, and De La Salle High School. He has already made a positive impact on both the students and faculty of the St. Martin’s community.

“He’s a great teacher who genuinely cares about his students,” said Sophomore Grant Gendusa, a student in Canzoneri’s US History class.

Senior Michael Royerre agreed in regards to Canzoneri’s teaching style in AP Economics.

“You can tell he cares about his students and wants them to do well,” Royerre said.

Canzoneri himself has adapted well to St. Martin’s environment. His transition from other schools has been smooth.

“The students are very cooperative and good to work with,” Canzoneri said.

Social Studies Department Chair Mary Quinet was impressed with Canzoneri’s background in Political Science and History.

When the time came to assign classes, Peter Adair, Head of Upper School and Social Studies Teacher, expressed interest in switching from US History to Civics. When Canzoneri agreed that he would rather teach US History, Quinet happily made the switch, as both were well qualified for either position.

“I had two very, very deeply experienced teachers, and I was able to say ‘do what you love,’” Quinet said.

She was also highly impressed at Canzoneri’s ability to transform what might otherwise be a dull class into a fun, more interactive experience that both stimulates students to push themselves further academically and provides joy for himself.

“I got a chance to sit in a fun and interesting class with Mr. Canzoneri,” said Quinet, “and I asked him afterwards, ‘This is great, are you happy here?’ and he said, ‘Very.’”

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