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Upper school welcomes new English teacher and newspaper advisor

The St. Martin’s Episcopal School community recently welcomed new Upper School English Teacher and Newspaper Advisor Sophia Masone.

Before coming to St. Martin’s, she was an admissions counselor at Loyola University New Orleans and worked closely with many local high schools. She received a minor in English and a major in Public Relations.

“My degree is in mass communications,” Masone said. “Even though it was public relations-based, we learned a little bit (about) all types of communications, which would be advertising, public relations, and journalism.”

Masone plans on completing her master’s degree in teaching this year.“All my background information from St. Martin’s and my own research really made me want to start my first official teaching role here,” Masone said. “I wanted to be part of a school that had a really strong and supportive community.”

Since beginning her job at St. Martin’s, she has embraced her role as Advisor of the Halo.

“Ms. Masone has (had) a positive impact (on) the St. Martin’s newspaper and journalism class,” said Sophomore Rikki Bourg. “She’s really stepped up (in) advising us in class about the basics of writing and in becoming a part of the Halo community.”

Even on her first day at St. Martin’s, Masone felt welcomed by her new students and the upper school faculty.

“Even though this is her first teaching role here at St. Martin’s, she tries hard to connect with her students,” said Freshman Kylar Coleman.

Masone works closely with Upper School English Teacher and English Department Chair Megan King.

“(Masone is) very enthusiastic and excited about being in the classroom,” King said. “She’s a perfect addition to the St. Martin’s community.”

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