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Boys Cross Country wins state for the third year in a row

The St. Martin’s Episcopal School boys’ cross-country team claimed the state championship title for the third year in a row on Nov. 13, 2017 in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Led by Head Boys and Girls Cross Country Coach Warren Lind, the dedicated group of runners was destined to be successful.

“They set the goal of wanting to win another title, but it was never with the idea of it being a ‘three-peat,’” Lind said. “It was more of a quiet determination to build upon what they had done over the previous two years.”

Investing countless amounts of time, energy and effort into their training and into their races during the season, the boys’ team refused to let go of the state title once again. Lind believes this consistent hard work is undoubtedly the cause of their winning streak.

“On our t-shirts this year, the hashtag was ‘#trusttheprocess,’” Lind said.

The hashtag was derived from Lind’s constant reminder to the team of having to “trust the process” in order to succeed. The team had already achieved greatness with two consecutive wins at state, so “trusting the process” was essential to their continual success in their third year of competing for the title, according to Lind.

Senior Bryce Monier, who came in seventh place in the state championship, commends Lind on his leadership in leading the team to victory.

“Mr. Lind is a great coach in especially organizing a really strong team culture where everyone knows they have to be committed, which is really important to our success,” Monier said.

Junior Rico Coleman placed fourth in the the state competition. He seconds Monier’s remarks.

“Mr. Lind’s training helped us advance, and he really motivated us to do as great as we could in races,” Coleman said. “I feel like we could ‘four-peat’ next year. I could improve my overall time and maybe even improve my place at state.”

It was a relief to win, since it was known that the team had a good shot at being state champions again, according to Monier.

“It was a good feeling to know that the hard work paid off, and we did what we wanted to do,” Monier said.

Throughout the year, many wondered who would be the fifth member of the scoring five at the state competition, according to Junior Benjamin Bone, who placed second in the state competition.

“We’ve had a really strong top four, and throughout the year, we really didn’t know who would be our scoring number five,” Bone said.

Going into the race, Bone was confident that Sophomore Pryce Anthony would fill the spot and run a strong time.

“Pryce helped to lead the team, allowing us to win for the third year in a row,” Bone said. “I’m really proud of him because I know he struggled throughout the year, not running times he wanted to run, but in state, I think he really pushed himself and pulled through.”

The team’s collective confidence and persistence stem from the hard work and determination each individual exhibits with regard to the sport.

“We’re a pretty small team, so I think everyone steps up, but as a leader, I try to set a good example for the team,” Monier said. “I think everyone worked hard and did what they needed to do to succeed.”

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