Students flood the Pontchartrain Center with support for the volleyball team

In an extraordinary show of spirit, the St. Martin’s Episcopal School student body rallied behind the varsity volleyball team and packed two fan buses to attend the team’s first round playoff game at the Pontchartrain Center. Of the 197 students in upper school, 30 students crammed into the fan bus. This number increased from a projected 16 students on Nov. 7th, to a total of 30 students by game day on Nov. 9th.

A total of 60 students, including the cheerleaders, arrived at the Pontchartrain Center, full of enthusiasm and spirit.

The students were excited to ride on the fan bus to support their team in one of their toughest games of the year. The mood on the bus was celebratory and nearly riotous.

“I like being on the fan bus because I’m with all of my friends and we’re all really excited to be here together,” said Sophomore Emmanuel Fleischer-Djoleto. “I am also excited because in my years at St. Martin’s, I’ve never been to a volleyball playoff game.”

The students were unsure whether the volleyball team would bring home a victory or not, but they knew they would be there to support and cheer on their classmates.

“I am very honored and excited to see the Saints play at the Pontchartrain Center,” said Freshman Christian Pevey.

Unfortunately, the team lost their bid at moving on in the playoffs, falling in three sets to Ascension Episcopal High School.

During the ride home on the fan bus, the students were melancholy.

“I’m part of the junior varsity volleyball team so I'm really upset,” said Sophomore Carrington Roaf. “Seeing them lose just breaks my heart. I feel Coach Scioneaux’s pain.”

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