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Student sets the standard for all of us to follow

Photo by Grayson Doyle

Senior Heaven Barriere entered the St. Martin’s Episcopal School community as a sixth-grader in 2010. Initially reserved and soft- spoken, she has evolved into a leader. Now, as a member of the graduating class of 2017, she leaves behind a lasting impact, not just within the school setting but also in her service at Household of Faith Family Worship Church International.

Taking on roles within the school such as Arts Club President and Honor Council President, Barriere followed in the footsteps of her two older siblings, Antoine Barriere (’14) and Trinity Barriere (’15).

“I was definitely sad when Antoine and Trinity left,” Barriere said. “I was like, ‘No, I’m the only one here now.’ When they were here, I was still hidden behind them. Now, since I’m the only Barriere here, I have to make the last Barriere mark.”

Along with maintaining her family’s reputation within the upper school, Barriere continues to thrive as a role model in all her extracurricular endeavors.

“Heaven shows leadership in any role she takes on,” said Senior Olivia Woodfox of St. Katharine Drexel Preparatory School, a close friend of Barriere. “She participates in hip- hop, step, and choir at our church. Just recently, our youth groups performed at our church’s annual Trunk or Treat for Halloween. Heaven led the hip-hop group in practice and the day-of performance. No matter the event or circumstance, Heaven is always there to lead and to take charge when necessary.”

Barriere also serves as one of the key teen ministry leaders at her church.

“She is a mentor and a role model to the youth,” said Church Elder and Family Friend Veronica Calliet. “Heaven ministers the word of God to the youth during youth church; she served as a chaperone on the youth retreat during the summer. Although her parents are the pastor and leader of the church, I believe Heaven serves not solely out of duty, but from her heart be- cause of the love she has for God and God’s children.”

Growing up in a Christian household, Barriere learned the qualities it takes to be successful and respected.

“More people look up to me,” Barriere said.

People see me as a leader, and adults will say, ‘Oh, she’s a pastor’s kid, so she has good intentions.’”

Barriere remains a down-to-earth person, despite being a member of a well-known family in her church community.

“Being in the spotlight most times, I have never seen Heaven let that go to her head,” said Church Elder Roz Woodfox.

“Heaven is a very mature young lady and carries herself in a classy, beautiful way,” said Senior Charida Stancliffe of the Academy of Our Lady.

Barriere has formed relationships with several members at her church and cultivated long-lasting friendships through her involvement in youth groups.

“Being the pastor’s daughter would seem to be nerve-racking because people may have high

expectations of her, but I love how she’s herself in any and every way possible,” said Senior Cydney Edwards of Sci Academy.

“Over the years, Heaven has grown to be a very unique and humble person,” said Senior Byron Calvin of Hahnville High School. “As she continues to evolve into the phenomenal woman she already is, I know she will impact many more as she has impacted my life.”

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