Quiz Bowl achieves success

The St. Martin’s Episcopal School Quiz Bowl team triumphed throughout the 2016 – 2017 school year. With the mentorship of Upper School English Teacher and Quiz Bowl Coach Lee Klebba, the team placed highly in numerous competitions against skilled opponents.

“I would say the team had a very successful season,” said Junior Captain Bryce Monier. “I would say we exceeded all expectations we had coming into the season with the state championship and placing at nationals.”

The team recently traveled to Chicago to participate in a national tournament with superb competitors from across the United States. The group placed third in the small school division; Monier was the highest overall scorer in the entire matchup.

“I never even knew of this national tournament,” Klebba said. “It wasn’t until we did well in one tournament in the fall and got a bid from this competition saying we would qualify.”

“The way Quiz Bowl works, it’s most efficient if you have individual people covering certain topics,” said Junior Ally Bartholomew.“It’s so we don't all try to study the same thing and accidentally neglect one area.” The team members have

good chemistry, which gives them an advantage in competitions.

“For some of us, we’re still trying to get the confidence to buzz in when we know answers,” Bartholomew said. “It can be pretty intimidating. But I think something else that makes our team function more smoothly is that Jules and Bryce encourage us all to answer questions.”

Ending the year with an astounding victory, the upper school Quiz Bowl team has exceeded all expectations and cemented their success in the legacy of St. Martin’s.

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