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Did you know? : Thanksgiving Pool

Turkey, casserole, and stuffing have nothing to do with St. Martin’s Episcopal School’s Thanksgiving Swimming Pool. The pool, an indoor facility named by benefactors John and Suzie Graham, was a new addition to the St. Martin’s campus in 1980. John Graham, the president of the Board of Trustees at the time, gave a generous contribution while his three , Cale (’83), Todd (’85), and Cate (’91) attended St. Martin’s.

“Everybody was ecstatic, just thrilled because we had not had that before," said Upper School Counselor Dr. Bill Rosenbaum. "All the way to today, it’s a wonderful thing that a lot of schools don’t have.”

The pool is now valued by many students and is used in a variety of ways, such as learning basic swimming skills in lower school. The pool is also home to the St. Martin’s swim team, which consists of students from fourth all the way to 12th grade.

Near the Thanksgiving Pool lies the George Cottage. Dr. Eric George, parent of St. Martin’s alumni Chloe (’11) and Cassidy (’13) was the major contributor to the initial building of the George Cottage in 2004.

“I think he’s been a very generous donor to the school, and I think he’s also been a big philanthropist in the city,” said Director of George Cottage Holly Dalferes.

Later, an extension to George Cottage was added, and the teachers decided to revamp the playground. The George family gave another donation towards the playground in 2013 and named it the Chloe and Cassidy Playground, dedicated to George’s daughters.

The George Cottage has expanded to include younger children in recent years. The Cottage is filled with laughter and joy and is hoping to make even more advancements in the future.

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