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Students suffer from severe sleep deprivation

Photo by Savannah Watermeier

Many students at St. Martin’s Episcopal School struggle with both physical and mental exhaustion during the school year.

Senior Hakeem Blackstone experiences exhaustion on a daily basis due to the extracurricular activities he is involved in and the additional responsibilities he has while being a high school student.

“The practices keep me out late and I live so far out from school, so I won't get home until about eight or nine,” Blackstone said. “Then, I have to do chores, take a shower, and I have a lot of homework.”

Upper School Guidance Counselor Dr. William Rosenbaum believes that students’ lack of sleep is a result of poor time-management.

“I don't think it's the educators giving assignments that causes the lack of sleep,” Rosenbaum said. “I think it's the way students manage their time. I think something we should talk more about is how to prioritize and manage one's time.”

Math Department Chair Mary Bond values individual work at home in addition to collaborative work in the classroom in order to fully achieve success in any academic course.

“It’s one thing to see what the teacher’s doing, to see what your peers are doing, to talk about it in group work and feel like you understand it,” Bond said. “It’s something else to go home by yourself and process the information and pull it all together.”

Students often feel pressured to get involved with extracurricular activities in order to enhance the résumé that they will submit to colleges.

“Colleges are not looking so much for straight A’s,” Bond said. “I mean yes, they want you to do the best that you can, but they’re putting a lot more emphasis on your involvement in the school community with extracurricular activities and accomplishments you have that are unique to you.”

Rosenbaum seconds that it is imperative to be involved in extracurricular activities including clubs and sports, although they could result in a lack of sleep.

“I think a lot of students want to do a lot and be involved with a lot of activities,” Rosenbaum said. “One because it's fun, two because you get to be with your friends, and three because it looks good on a résumé. The downside is that I think people are staying up late and not getting a good nights’ sleep and this time of year especially people end up getting sick.”

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