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Meet the new boss

Photo by Heaven Barriere

I have big shoes to fill as I take the place of our previous Editor-in-Chief Brooke Williamson. She has led our newspaper for two great years, and I hope to do the same. We defended our title and continued to be ranked No. 1 nationally among schools our size by the American Scholastic Press Association. Additionally, this year, our photo team won special recognition by the ASPA by being ranked No. 1 in the nation among schools of all sizes. I plan to continue our winning streak by publishing a newspaper that informs the people of St. Martin’s Episcopal School of pressing issues. Under my leadership, The Halo will be a newspaper that informs the community of any changes or events that not everyone is aware of. The Halo team plans on relaunching the website to make it easier for the community to access information without having to wait for a published issue. I plan on creating a strong editorial page that brings to light issues within the school. The Halo writes and publishes editorials to raise awareness of problems and to hopefully encourage change. The staff of The Halo supports all opinions and is open to creating a dialogue with the students and faculty. I am extremely excited to lead the newspaper for the next two years, and I promise I will not let St. Martin’s down.

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