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Tech theater offers students unique opportunity

Photo by Alec Ricci

St. Martin’s Episcopal School is one of the few schools in the New Orleans area that offers a dedicated technical theater class. Students from grades nine to twelve are able to take part in a class where they can be both creative and handy at the same time.

“Tech theater is basically a scene shop class where we build all of the sets for the shows,” said Technical Theater Director Emily Ross. “We do painting, building, sanding, and also make different shows’ props.”

Ross enjoys teaching her “fast-paced” class, and her students enjoy it as well.

“I like tech theater because I am able to do what I like to do and learn while I’m doing it,” said Sophomore Kyle Winkler.

Students who take this class become handier with power tools and learn the skills needed to take a project from start to finish.

“Students learn problem- solving skills and how to fix things quickly,” said Director of Performing Arts Mer-

edith Long-Dieth. “It’s all about getting the job done.”

Tech theater is not only a class for those behind the curtain, but is also helpful for students pursuing a career out in the spotlight.

“Any actor who wants to be onstage should take a tech class,” Long-Dieth said. “It encapsulates everything about theater. I took it in college. I also had to take lighting and stagecraft. You have to have all of those skills.

They’re essential.” Students never find themselves bored in tech theater.

“It’s not like the normal class where you sit down at your desk and listen to a teacher,” Ross said. “It’s fun and fast-paced.”

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