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 In the past two years, St. Martin’s Episcopal School has increased its security by installing a new swipe card entry system and kiosk program. 

 “Over the last two school years, we have been looking to figure out ways to control and limit access to our campus, especially in higher traffic areas,” said Assistant Head of School, Head of Lower School, and Head of Safety and Security Committee Ford Dieth. 

 The Safety and Security Committee worked, alongside the faculty and staff, to make sure that students’ safety was their top priority. 

 “Last school year, we were able to successfully, as of 8:15 in the morning, block off the Haring Road side of our campus so that anyone who wasn't a teacher who wanted to enter had to come to the Green Acres Road side,” Deith said. “We had all the doors on the Haring Road side locked down during the school day.”


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November 14, 2017

Monday Story

This school year, the middle school hallway is a bit more crowded, as middle school now includes fifth grade. Changes to the curriculum, called “looping,” allow students to have the same teacher in fifth and sixth grade, as well as the same teacher in seven...

May 24, 2017

Turkey, casserole, and stuffing have nothing to do with St. Martin’s Episcopal School’s Thanksgiving Swimming Pool. The pool, an indoor facility named by benefactors John and Suzie Graham, was a new addition to the St. Martin’s campus in 1980. John Graham, the presiden...

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